Result of the Massarosa 2022 International Piano Competition

11 June 2022, 23:21

Result of the 2022 Massarosa International Piano Competition

First Prize (Fondazione Pomara-Scibetta)
Saya Ota


Second Prize (Elettroidea-Antonio Padovani)
Takeshi Shimozato

Third Prize (Lyons Club Massarosa – Distretto LA 108)
Alessandro Villalva

Massarosa 2022 International Piano Competition – Final round

10 June 2022, 19:59

Finalists of the 2022 International Piano Competition
The final round will take place tomorrow 11th June at 20:45 in the Teatro Vittoria Manzoni, Massarosa

Ota Saya

Haydn. Sonata Hob. XVI:42
Liszt. Parafrasi su Rigoletto
Schumann. Fantasia op. 17 (I mov.)

Takeshi ShimozatoScarlatti. Sonata K. 96
Debussy. La plus que lente
Rachmaninoff. Sonata op. 36

Alessandro VillalvaMendelssohn. Fantasia op. 28
Prokofiev. Sonata op. 83

Massarosa 2022 International Piano Competition – Second round

9 June 2022, 18:57

The participants qualified for the second round are:

Cai YangYang
Carlin Silvia
Ciprietti Alessio
Dolya Tomofey
Doutney Dominic
Jeon Hyein
Manea Mihaela
Ora Saya
Shimozato Takeshi
Villalva Alessandro

The second round will start on 10th June 2022 at 9:00

Massarosa 2022 International Piano Competition – Order and times of execution of the first round

7 June 2022, 18:29

First Round – Order and times of execution
After the appeal at 8:30 of the 8th of June, where all candidates must be present
(except those who have received exemption by e-mail),
he first round will take place starting at 9:00 of the 8th of June, and will continue from 15:00 in the afternoon and the day after according to the order and the times listed as follows.
Please refer to this news page for the latest information.

At 09:00 Wednesday 8 June
Amendola Alessandro IT
Anglani Giacomo IT
Cai Yang Yang NL
Carlin Silvia IT
Cheng Wanting CN
Ciprietti Alessio IT
Corrado Giulio IT

At 15:00 Wednesday 8 June
Dolya Timofey RU
Doutney Dominic GB
Drovandi Samuele It
Grizelj Dora HR
Igawa Hana JP
Jeon Hyein KR
Kim Kyungwon KR

At 09:00 Thursday 9 June
Kok Alyssa SG
Lee Yunjae KR
Li Borun CN
Manca Federico IT
Manea Mihaela RO
Naim Felipe BR
Nakagawa Mayaka JP
Ota Saya IJP
Rossetti Gilberto IT

At 15:00 Thursday 9 June
Sacher Luca IT
Shimozato Takeshi JP
Solinas Carlo IT
Steanson Drew GB
Toniolo Giulia IT
Tozlian Seiran RU
Villalva Alesssandro IT
Yoo Hyeheon KR

Massarosa international Piano Competition 2022 – to all participants

1 June 2022, 10:08

Welcome to the 12th “Massarosa” International Piano Competition!

We are truly delighted to be back in attendance after the pandemic. The “live” competition takes on a whole other significance than the online one. The emotion, the meeting, the confrontation, being able to ask for advice from the members of the jury are peculiarities of the presence.

Some explanations regarding the conduct of the tests.
On Tuesday 7 June, the letter will be drawn in the presence of the authorities of Massarosa. Immediately after, the execution order of the candidates will be drawn up and published on the website of the Associazione Musicale Massarosa and on fb. The calendar will also be posted on the doors of the theatre.

Wednesday 8 June: greeting by the Mayor, appeal of the candidates, and beginning of the preliminary round. We continue with the tests in the afternoon.

Thursday 9 June morning and afternoon: preliminary tests.
In the evening, verdict of the jury.

Friday 10 June Semifinal round on morning and afternoon.
In the evening, communication of the finalists.

Saturday 11 June at 9 pm: Final test.

n.b. Always refer to the website for official communications

Finalists of the 2021 International Piano Competition

6 June 2021, 21:52

The finalists of the 2021 Massarosa International Competition are:

Bertolazzi Giovanni
Chung Hok Chun
Čmejla Jan
Fatone Osvaldo Nicola Ettore
Gagliardi Riccardo
Kim Minyoung
Kwon Kisuk
Ling Vincent
Onodeera Takuma
Wang Haozhou