The first thing to do is to obtain an Username and a Password for this site.
From the menu item “Piano competition / Application form”, click on “Register” and fill up the form

with your chosen Username and your E-mail  (the Username can be the same as the E-mail if you desire) . Then click “Register”: the system will check if your Username is already taken by someone else.

Then check your E-mail (do not forget to look in the Spam folder in case you don’t find the E-mail in the Inbox). You will receive a message like this:

Click on the first link of the message and fill this form

choosing your Password. Then click on this link:

Fill in user name (or email) and password:

The site will show that you are logged in the top left hand corner. 

You can now fill up the application form.
You may, but it is not obligatory, insert information about your current teacher.

Insert the programs you intend to play for the three rounds of the competition:

The information you put in the curriculum must be of 100 characters minimum, and will be used to print it in the program given to the public during the competition.

In order to fill up the next field, Proof of Payment, you must choose how to pay your subscription fee. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Issue a bank transfer to the coordinates specified in the “rules of the competition”, and upload a copy of the bank statement in the field “proof of payment”;
  2. pay via PayPal or credit card, using the button provided in the menu item “payment of the subscription fee”. You can fill up the rest of the form, save it, carry out the payment via Paypal, and if you come back to the form you will find the field “proof of payment” filled up.

When you click the button “save the data” without having marked the “send subscription” flag,  you merely save your form for future completion. The system will let you save the form even if some key fields are not filled in, but will signal them to you both after the input and when you log in again to finish the form compilation. When you are sure all the data is correct, click the “send subscription”  field and save the form. It will be examined by the commission and if there are questions an email will be sent to you.

The three form’s “programme” fields are modifiable until may 15,  but all modifications must be evaluated by the commission.

If you need to modify some field after having sent the subscription, write an email to