Massarosa international Piano Competition 2022 – to all participants

1 June 2022, 10:08

Welcome to the 12th “Massarosa” International Piano Competition!

We are truly delighted to be back in attendance after the pandemic. The “live” competition takes on a whole other significance than the online one. The emotion, the meeting, the confrontation, being able to ask for advice from the members of the jury are peculiarities of the presence.

Some explanations regarding the conduct of the tests.
On Tuesday 7 June, the letter will be drawn in the presence of the authorities of Massarosa. Immediately after, the execution order of the candidates will be drawn up and published on the website of the Associazione Musicale Massarosa and on fb. The calendar will also be posted on the doors of the theatre.

Wednesday 8 June: greeting by the Mayor, appeal of the candidates, and beginning of the preliminary round. We continue with the tests in the afternoon.

Thursday 9 June morning and afternoon: preliminary tests.
In the evening, verdict of the jury.

Friday 10 June Semifinal round on morning and afternoon.
In the evening, communication of the finalists.

Saturday 11 June at 9 pm: Final test.

n.b. Always refer to the website for official communications

Finalists of the 2021 International Piano Competition

6 June 2021, 21:52

The finalists of the 2021 Massarosa International Competition are:

Bertolazzi Giovanni
Chung Hok Chun
Čmejla Jan
Fatone Osvaldo Nicola Ettore
Gagliardi Riccardo
Kim Minyoung
Kwon Kisuk
Ling Vincent
Onodeera Takuma
Wang Haozhou

Press conference for the announcement of the 2021 edition

22 April 2021, 11:10

The press conference took place in Massarosa on April 17, in presence of many of the sponsors and of the local press which has also publicized the event.

left to right, Riccardo Risalti, artistic director, Antonella Moscardini, secretary, and Giuseppe Bertolani
Raffaele Salluzzi, Riccardo Risaliti, Franco Davini, Antonella Moscardini, Pierluigi Pierini

The sponsorsof the 2021 edition:

Sponsor del 1° premio
Sponsor del 2° premio