Program of the 8th Massarosa International Piano Competition

5 June 2017, 12:21

Welcome to Massarosa !

6 th June 2017
Late in the afternoon the President will draw the letter starting the order of participants. The list will be published in our web site
The Theatre will be available to the participants open from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. so that the participants may try the Fazioli piano.

7 th June 2017
At 08.30 all participants must be present at the theatre “Vittoria Manzoni” (Piazza V. Manzoni) in Massarosa, for the roll call: who will be not present, will be automatically excluded from the Competition.
The participants will be informed about the beginning/end of sessions after the call.
The Competition will start at 09.30.
Each participant scheduled to play in the morning will have 10 minutes to try the Fazioli piano; all other participants will have the possibility to practice in turn, on pianos available in the Theatre, in the school or at some houses nearby, and the organization will take care of the transport to/from each place.

In order to profit from the conventions existing between Associazione Musicale Massarosa and restaurants and hotels (Alimentari Trattoria Tiziano, la Chandelle, Nara), the participants will have to present the badge that will be given after the call on 6 th June 2017.