To all participants

7 June 2016, 18:09

Registration time is 8.15 tomorrow, June 8 at Teatro Manzoni, Piazza Pompeo Provenzali, Massarosa. All participants must be present and whoever is not registering will not be admitted to the competition.

The eliminatory phase will start tomorrow morning, it will last tomorrow and thursday, and later tonight we shall publish the order of execution.

Every participant will be allowed 10 to 15 minutes on the Fazioli gran coda which will be used in the competition. These short reharshals will be tomorrow from 13.00 to 14.15 and in the evening after the eliminatory of tomorrow has terminated.

Other pianos will be available in the proximity of Teatro Manzoni: please ask Antonella Moscardini for information.

A warm welcome in Massarosa to everybody !

Associazione Musicale Massarosa

2016 International Piano Competition – List of participants

2 June 2016, 11:34
Alegre, Tomás (Argentina)
Alimbayev, Maulen (Kazakhstan)
Bulkina, Anna (Turkmenistan)
Candotti, Michelle (Italy)
Carafa, Clarissa (Italy)
Cardelli, Matteo (Italy)
Carlin, Silvia (Italy)
Chai, Ju Yen (Korea)
Damiano, Fernanda (Italy)
Fasani, Daniele (Italy)
Gibadullina, Alina (Russia)
Grossi, Lorenzo (Italy)
Ha, Ju Ae (Korea)
Ivaldi, Simone (Italy)
Jang, Yoon Kyung (Korea)
Jo, Hyeonjun (Korea)
Kazieczko, Jakub (Poland)
Kim, Shinwoo (Korea)
Lee, Inji (Korea)
Lee, Miyeon (Korea)
Liu, Jia-Nan (China)
Losito, Nicola (Italy)
Maliuta, Daniil (Russia)
Maltsev, Aleksandr (Russia)

Mandaric, Zeljka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Medgyesi, Zsolt (Hungary)
Meliveo, Álvaro (Spain)
Natale, Riccardo (Italy)
Noh, Hansol (Korea)
Ozeki, Tomonori (Japan)
Petrache, Maria Diana (Romania)
Renner, Ekaterina (Russia)
Rosputko, Anton (Latvia)
Rumyantsev, Vladimir (Russia)
Saito, Kazuya (Japan)
Solomon, Coral (Israel)
Soriga, Riccardo (Italy)
Stepanov, Igor (Russia)
Taklo, Andreas Løken (Norway)
Tosi, Alessandro (Italy)
Valuntonis, Rokas (Lithuania)
Yasko, Anastasia (Russia)
Ye, Lin (China)
Yi, Yi (China)
Yoshioka, Yui (Japan)
Zaworski, Radosław (Poland)
Zvyagin, Konstantin (Russia)


2016 International competition to start on June 8

29 May 2016, 23:42

All participants will register at teatro Manzoni in Massarosa on Wednesday June 8 at 8.15.
They will play in the order stated by the random draw to be held the evening of June 7 in the first meeting of the jury.
The eliminatory will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, and the semifinal on Friday.
The final will be Saturday 11 June in the evening.
Two pianos will be available for rehearshing at the Theater and two more at the school beside.
There will be also pianos available in private homes in the area.

Presentation press conference for the 2016 International Piano Competition

2 April 2016, 14:38

In continuous growth, the Massarosa International Piano Competition is this year at the seventh edition.

The 2016 Competition was presented to the press this morning in the town hall of Massarosa. in the presence of Mayor Franco Mungai, the president of the City’s Council Adolfo Del Soldato, the President of the Associazione Musicale Massarosa Antonio Torre and the Competition’s artistic director, Riccardo Risaliti.

“An extraordinary competition – emphasized the Mayor Franco Mungai – which in a few years has achieved, thanks to the skill and passion of the organizers and the high level of the participants, a reputation that has gone beyond the borders of Europe, bringing the name of Massarosa in the world”.

“The competition will be held from 8 to 11 June 2016 and will keep the same formula experimented in the previous years. Registrations are already coming in – explained the President Antonio Torre – and last years’ prizes have been confirmed, thanks to the donation made in memory of Federico Farlatti, by Giuliana Pellegrini. The first prize of € 5000, will be dedicated to him. To confirm the internationality of the event, the composition of the jury is: Giampaolo Minardi (President, Italy), Vovka Ashkenazy (Iceland), Luiza Borac (Romania), Paola Bruni (Italy) and Gisele Magnan (France). The artistic director is Riccardo Risaliti.

The event, organized by the Associazione Musicale Massarosa, has been counted among the most prestigious competitions in the world and has entered the international circuit thanks to admission to the Alink- Argerich Foundation Foundation. This year the competition has been promoted by the magazine “Suonare” and by the annual directory  “Pagine e musica”.

Another prestigious partner, Paolo Fazioli,  will provide one of the wonderful pianos built by Fazioli Pianoforti for the finals.

During the final evening the most talented pianists will be evaluated both by the audience in the hall, (the Audience Award will be given in memory of Renata Morganti), and the jury that will decide the winner. All competitors will be delivered as certificate of participation a lithograph especially created by the painter Franco Anichini, dedicated to the Massarosa territory and the link between culture and music.

Once again this year the journalist and anchorman  Andrea Montaresi will introduce the public to the final evening . The rendezvous for the public is in Massarosa from 8 to 11 June to hear these young talents, students of the greatest teachers in the world perform live. On April 21, at the Nara restaurant, a fundraising dinner will be held with the participation of maestro Riccardo Risaliti.  Those wishing to participate should please call +39 347 6128959.

2016 Piano Competition announced

6 October 2015, 7:54
The seventh edition of the Massarosa International Piano Competition will take place from June 8 to June 11, 2016. The applications will be open from January 1st until May 15, 2016.

And the 2015 winner is…

13 June 2015, 23:53


Winner of the 2015 International Piano Competition

Maddalena Giacopuzzi


2nd prize: Wataru Hisasue  
3rd prize: Takuya Tainaka  


Semifinalists of the 2015 Piano Competition

11 June 2015, 20:13

The following candidates were admitted to the semifinals:

Valuntonis Rokas
Csabay Domonkos
Do Vale Ventura De Sousa Nuno Miguel
Giacopuzzi Maddalena
Guan James
Hisasue Wataru
Ivanov Philippe
Liu Shuai
Miyamoto Akane
Rugani Simone
Sharumashvili Keti
Shin Yoomin
Shirai Mari
Tainaka Takuya

The semifinals will take place tomorrow, June 12.

At the end of the day the jury will publish the list of the finalists.

2015 International Piano Competition – First round – order of execution

10 June 2015, 8:41

The first round of the 2015 International piano competition starts today.
This is the order of execution:

1 Turchi Massimiliano
2 Valuntonis Rokas
3 Zhalnerovich Vitali
4 Bazhenov Evgeny
5 Becerra Pablo Matias
6 Belin Camille
7 Bisi Maria
8 Borkowski Kamil
9 Cong Rong
10 Csabay Domonkos
11 Do Vale Ventura De Sousa Nuno Miguel
12 Giacopuzzi Maddalena
13 Giordano Anna Lisa
14 Guan James
15 Henkhaus Solvejg
16 Hisasue Wataru
17 Ivanov Philippe
18 Kalabynina Olga
19 Karagiannis Georgios
20 Kim Sukyoung
21 Lee Seul
22 Liu Shuai
23 Majstorović Lucija
24 Miyamoto Akane
25 Pereira Pedro Emanuel
26 Rossetti Tiziano
27 Rugani Simone
28 Santolamazza Matteo
29 Sharumashvili Keti
30 Shin Yoomin
31 Shirai Mari
32 Smolinska Martyna
33 Song Anna
34 Soriga Riccardo
35 Tainaka Takuya